DataStation lets you pay for what you use and nothing more

A variety of factors go into the annual cost for DataStation to create a pricing model that is fair and works for you. With DataStation, you’re not just paying for software, you’re receiving a world-class service that provides data security, dedicated ongoing support, and state-of-the-art technology.

A bespoke solution for every business

  • DataStation offers completely customisable data management and compliance software, designed with your company’s processes and data management procedures in mind
  • Your software will be made up of a mixture of core and bespoke modules, unique to your business. 
  • Our pricing model only charges you for the features you need and use. 

Pay for the service, not the software

  • At DataStation, we believe that it’s better to pay for a top-quality service rather than just buying a software package.
  • When you pay your annual cost for DataStation, you utilise our dedicated servers, secure firewall hardware, daily backups, strict redundancy and continuity planning to ensure constant uptime.

No training costs

  • DataStation was built to be intuitive for any user, even those who have little experience with similar systems or software in general.
  • This brings down the cost of adopting DataStation even more, as you don’t need to pay for training for users within your company. 
  • DataStation’s functionality is designed to be as similar as possible to your existing business processes so the transition is seamless!

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