DataStation Compliance Management System

DataStation enables clients to track, manage and report Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality compliance across multiple sites. A flexible and easy to use system, DataStation can be tailored to each client’s operating requirements, optimising business processes and reducing operating costs.

Trusted by over 28K users, with 33K+ sites managed worldwide

Why DataStation?

DataStation is an all-in-one solution that centralises and digitises your business processes. Whether you’re a site manager, health & safety officer, or HR co-ordinator, DataStation has the tools and functionality to give you more control and more visibility of your business.

Powerful site management tools, a state-of-the-art document management system, comprehensive training functionality, rigorous employee management features, and many more await you with DataStation. Book a free demo today to find out how DataStation can revolutionise the way your business runs.

HR & Training

  • Configure the module with details of staff positions within your business with nominated training courses
  • Track and manage all staff training requirements in real time, be it class room training or online
  • Dynamic reporting makes it quick and easy to identify where and when gaps in training appear

Compliance Management

  • Site explorer and compliance scoring & reporting enables easy portfolio management
  • Array of tools ensures even your most specific compliance processes are covered
  • Total customisation allows you to track and manage your critical compliance metrics

Health & Safety

  • Powerful site calendar allows organisation and audit of health & safety inspections
  • Incident reporting system provides total management of all site incidents
  • Health & safety documentation is stored and control securely within the DMS

Site Management

  • Easy portfolio management and reporting, even across thousands of sites

  • Modular system allows you to manage niche processes specific to your business

  • Manage and assign audits, inspections, compliance, documentation, and actions for every site

Industry Services

DataStation is a powerful tool that can be used by any industry. Whether you’re looking to enhance your HR & training systems, streamline compliance, improve employee health & safety, or just digitise your business’ most important processes, DataStation has the functionality to help you succeed.


Manage incident reporting, staff training and site management within one easy to use interface. 


Track and manage all staff requirements in real time, be in online or on the shop floor.


Assign tasks to individuals, create reports and share data online for your company to utilise and audit. 


Track energy and waste data across multiple sites, and capture and store detailed information. 

Facilities Management

Quickly identify gaps in compliance across large portfolios of properties for efficient management.. 

Food Safety

Report on and assign individual tasks, track changes and create documents with a bespoke reporting system. 

"DataStation forms an essential part of our health and safety management system. It helps ensure all areas of our business are compliant, allows us to accurately report on our accidents, produce relevant statistical information for management and assist with our auditing processes. The support we receive is highly professional and the system has grown with us as a business."

– Group Health & Safety Manager, Mole Valley Farmers

Start revolutionising the way your business stores and manages information.

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