Action Management

A good auditing programme should include action tracking and management. DataStation’s Action Management module enables users to manage & track these actions, continuing the audit trail to compliance. Actions can be assigned to any user that has access, including contractors, to manage and update. Throughout the whole process the overall control and visibility remains with authorised users.

Actions Tracked

Organise, schedule & audit

Whenever an action is linked to a report, the system will automatically provide you with a link to the document that the action relates to, as well as showing you the details for the selected action, including when and by whom the action was created, as well as who has looked at or amended the action giving you a complete history of what has happened to the action.

View Compliance across multiple Sites

DataStation’s rigorous incident reporting system shows all incidents reported, their associated site, who reported it and allows for assignment of employees to deal with it. You can even assign actions for employees to complete that will reduce the risk of the incident occurring again, such as documentation to complete.


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