Employee Compliance & Training 

DataStation allows you to centrally manage your staff and contractor competencies and records. Featuring a variety of tools that allow advanced tracking of training, performance, and employee information.

Training Records managed

HR & Employee Records

Valuable HR documentation, such as orientation and exit resources, can be stored, with strict permissions, version control, and usage monitoring. Documents can also be assigned to employees for completion.

Key Features Include:

  • Live status of Employee training records / requirements / courses attended
  • Proactive management of records – the system chases nominated individuals by email
  • Advises on organisation compliance
  • Provides training pathways
  • Manages ‘skill sets’

Training Records Management

DataStation also handles your training requirements. You can upload training courses from your own suppliers or build courses within the platform. When training courses are completed within DataStation, an employee’s records are automatically updated and relevant staff are notified.

At regular intervals the system issues an email notification advising of staff training/qualifications that are due to expire within a given period of time.

How does it work?

  1. The module is configured with details of staff positions within your organisation.
  2. Each position has a nominated number of training courses which are mandatory or optional called ‘Skill Sets’.
  3. Staff can also be linked to bespoke training to suit additional requirements.
  4. Completed training for staff is entered into the system.
  5. Pathways to compliance are generated by the system based on completed individual training records compared against the requirements for each staff position.
  6. The system advises on which areas need attention and courses which need to be run across the organisation or for an individual site.

DataStation training puts your organisation back in control of your staff and contractor training records.

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