Internet of Things

The Internet of things (IOT) is growing in popularity enabling sites to improve their monitoring without increasing the number of manual checks. IoT Devices have a wide variety of applications with data being sent at regular intervals that can then trigger alerts for action to be taken.

DataStation have seen a big increase of clients using IoT to monitor Fridge / Freezer temperatures, enabling them to keep a close eye on temperatures reducing the risk and cost of food being stored at the wrong temperatures. Historically this relied on manual temperature checks twice a day, no readings can automatically be taken every 20 minutes, with rules in place to send notifications if the temperature is out of tolerance.

Dashboard overview

The Sites IoT Dashboard gives them a quick and easy to understand overview of all of the devices at the site, showing the present reading of each device, as well as if an outstanding alert needs to be addressed. Each notification triggered sends emails out to users and then has the ability for users to identify the action that was taken to fix the issue, or the cause of the out of tolerance reading.

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