Fire safety 2023 regulations, what you need to know for the new year

The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 made it a legal requirement from 23 January 2023 for responsible persons for all multi-occupied residential buildings in England with storeys over 11 metres in height to:

  • undertake quarterly checks of all fire doors (including self-closing devices) in the common parts
  • undertake – on a best endeavour basis – annual checks of all flat entrance doors (including self-closing devices) that lead onto a building’s common parts.

Why has the new fire safety law come into force?

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry report stated that:

 “Fire doors play an essential role in preventing or inhibiting the spread of smoke and toxic gases and in preserving the effective compartmentation of buildings.” 

The Fire doors in Grenfell Tower did not, whether through damage or disrepair, prevent smoke and gases from spreading. 

It is now the responsibility of the owner or manager to carry out fire door checks. How will you do this, without taking up hours of your time, making sure all repairs are tracked, digital copies are kept for visibility and all the while not breaking the bank?

We at DataStation have come up with a solution.

  1. We supply branded stickers with a QR code on them. These are put on every single fire door in your site. 
  2. The individual performing the checks will then scan the QR code and then register the door on DataStation. Once a door is registered you can then view all previous checks and even create a new Fire Door check. 
  3. The DataStation app will be used to complete a new Fire door check. You will answer the appropriate questions, add photos and create any actions too. Once you have completed the check, you upload the report to DataStation and notifications are sent out if relevant.

The fire door checks are available in a PDF format to view on DataStation along with the assigned actions and photos. You can email these checks to anyone direct from the system. 

This is brief overview of how DataStation is helping our clients to keep people safe and complaint to the new fire safety 2023 regulations. Can we help you? 

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